We are proud that we are able to be open 5 days a week and would love to expand to one evening a week. However, that takes people to staff the library.

What is needed: People who are able to volunteer 2.5 to 10 hours a month. This entails checking books in and out for patrons and keeping the shelves in order. Let us know when you are available so we may contact you with staffing opportunities.



The library is staffed by volunteers. We receive a small amount of state aid. There is one paid position that is funded for 21.5 hours per month, so fundraising is essential to our ability to meet the need of our patrons.

What we need: Ideas… and help to make them happen! Make yourself available to be contacted when specific needs arise that match your skill set.


Administration/ Technology

This covers everything from finding and writing grants, raising community awareness of the library, maintaining technology. We are also in need of people willing to share their technological skills with patrons. Are you a wiz with a Kindle? Nook? Ancestry.com? And willing to hold a class? Your community needs you!

What is needed: People willing to work on committees to help achieve our long and short term goals.


Children’s Programs

What is needed: In addition to your continued support and donations, people who can help with assisting kids with crafts for both the monthly school year programs and the summer reading programs.



What is needed: People who will share their experiences with the community on topics of local interest. Contact the library if you have ideas about Elderspeak topics, or are willing (or know someone who would be willing) to give a presentation or participate in a panel discussion.

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